Some Kind of Invasion

My work deals with the question of the relationship of the inside to the outside.
Starting with a questioning of the dichotomy between internal and external reality, a turning point that led to a decision to pass from social sciences to art, I have went on, in my artistic work, to explore various ways in which the relationship between these two aspects of reality manifests itself. The inside and the outside refer here both to the distinction between psychic and external reality but also to inner and outer space. A body is a world but the world is also a body. When we go outside we enter another inside.

In some instances I construct a universe where the body and nature, as well as inner reality, an overwhelming, material but invisible world, stand up against the rationally and hierarchically ordered structures and concepts that human beings have developed to make sense of and contain reality's chaotic and sensual essence.

Merlau Ponty calls the one essence, the whole that forms both inner and outer realities the Flesh. In this sense, what is thought of as an abstract or metaphysical concept is rooted in corporeality and this goes against the Western concept of the distinction between flesh and spirit. My more recent work can be seen as variations on exploring this interconnective tissue, this flesh. The Flesh of the World.

Working on such concepts in the realm of images inevitably led me to deal with the relationship between surface and depth, which is the other important tangent of my work. The surface which is the lustrous image of the contemporary world. The surface whose superficiality simultaneously conceals and points to the depth that lies beneath it, as well as the space in front of it. Because the surface, for example the skin of things and bodies in the world, as well as that of the artwork, the painting, the photograph or the lump of stone or clay, always stands in relation to the inside of its depths or the outside of the world and invites us to a real or imagined movement towards the two.

All my work, despite the differences in style and in media, can be seen as an exploration of these concepts, and the creation of a particular kind of space bursting open by some kind of invasion.