'What is proper to the visible is to be the surface of an inexhaustible depth'.
Maurice Merleau Ponty, The Visible and the Invisible.

'Every picture is a picture of a body'
James Elkins, Pictures of the body.

'In a culture of talking heads, the body is a hidden taboo.'
The Gurjieff journal

My work deals with relationships.
Relationships between bodies, between the inner world and the outside reality and relationships between the body, the natural and the urban world. It questions taken for granted assumptions about the distinction between inside and outside, self and other, mind and body, part and whole.
It is based on the sense of being a carnal subject in the world and the experience of feeling this body from within. The somatic sense and the kinaesthetic sense.
All my work can be seen as documents of the desire of the carnal subject to represent and assert itself and find its lost connections with other bodies and the outer world.
The body, as part of nature, escapes classification, something that is the reason for its having been considered dirty, unruly, dangerous in our society. It means it had to be controlled and confined by various agencies and institutions.
As such its desires and forces are mostly repressed in the unconscious, which forms a large part of the collective unconscious.
I am interested in the antithesis flesh as a quality pertaining both to the human body and the natural world poses to the rational and hierarchic ordering of space and the separation of categories that the human mind creates to make sense of the world. A revolution of the flesh is thus a transformation of the world.
Life processes- continuous change, evolution and transformation are reflected in the forms I make and the way I work.
Another relevant concern is depth or the third dimension, which I seek to create as a way out of the surface that I see as characterizing our contemporary reality and which is the result of our having depended on the sense of vision in expense of more somatic senses (such as touch) to make sense of the world. Vision separates the viewer from the perceived. However, we are one with the world around us.

Theory is intrinsically related to my artistic production. They grow together, one informing the other.
A questioning of taken-for-granted binary categories such as inside-outside, self-other, whole-part etc and the view of the body and the image as mediators between the inside and the outside are the continuing threads behind my thought and work since my studies in Social Psychology.

This is an artistic project that invites the use of different artistic media as it evolves. Having experimented with many art forms in the past, including and especially, dance and movement, I now work mainly in painting and photocollage and also in installation and sculpture. My movement practices, mainly yoga and dance, still inform the work in an important way.