My work deals with the concepts of relation, connection, unity and the trangression of boundaries, having the body and its relationship to the environment as its primary focus. It seeks to make visible an experience of the world that is based on the sense of being a carnal subject. What does this subject desire, dream about, how does it experience the surrounding environment?
This is connected in my case, to the female body and the way it relates to the world as well as the antithesis that this body poses to rationality and to the binary distinctions used to define experience.
In this way of experiencing the world, there is an intricate relationship between the internal and the external, the subject and the object, the real and the imaginary.

There is an attempt to overcome the primacy of vision and integrate the somatic sense of touch in the making of the image. In this way my work stands in the middle between the representation of an outside world and the presentation, or manifestation of an inner reality.
My work seeks to restore the quality of flesh back to the realm of images, and consequently deals with the question of three dimensionality in the two dimensional frame of this realm.
In my recent work these considerations meet the work of Merleau Ponty and his concepts of the 'Intertwining' and the 'Flesh of the World'.