Athens, December 08, 2008; 2010. The broken windows – seeking an intermediary space in a closed city.

Photography installation

Motive: Ιnterpretation of the meaning of the broken window in the case of the Athens riots of December 2008.

Media: Photographs printed on glass. Mounted on plexiglass frame.

Themes: Open-Closed, Action-Meaning, Material-immaterial.

The work deals with the events of December 2008 in Athens, following the killing of a teenager by a state guard. I look into the form of the shattered glass for the meaning of the uprising.

The broken windows of December can be read in this way as a demand for the creation of an intermediary space between the citizens, especially the young, and the state, so that communication between the two parties can take place. Something not happening at the moment, in a society that remains closed towards the expression of the needs of its citizens.

The work consists of one plexiglass frame with small (10x15cm) photos printed on glass, with captions documenting the place where they were taken and one bigger (60x80) photo printed on plexiglass. The installation refers to museum exhibits.