Demolition, 2006


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Motive: Narrate the experience of the demolition of my family house. Transform time into space.

Media: Photographs, personal items, objects detached from the house, drawings, handwritten text, video, myself.

Themes: Unity-fragmentation, documentation, body-space, reality-representation, composition-chaos.

The aim of this installation was to create a space narrating my personal experience of the demolition of my family house in 2006. Using the material collected from the documentation of the demolition (photographs and video) as well as objects detached from the house and personal items, the idea was to create an environment mediating my experience of the event. A central experience concerning the work was the dispersion of the smell of the house to space, following its demolition. Like the dispersion of its soul following the death of its body.

In the center of the installation is a window frame, detached from the house, which separates the space in two parts. The part on the right is constructed out of objects and photographs. The part on the left is much more minimal. There is a chair where I am sitting, and a video is projected on my body. This video puts together footage from the demolition and a performance in which I tie myself up in a rope. The video also provides the soundscape of the installation, a distant noise of jackhammers and bulldozers, as heard in a memory.

Presented in a 70 sq.m. space.

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Installation front view.
performance and video projection in installation
background collage. 6mx1.80m.
Installation detail
installation detail
installation detail
installation detail
performance and video projection detail
performance and video projection detail.
video still
video still
Demolition, 2007. ASFA