Algedon, 2010-12


Series consisting of 70 images

Α place of the imaginary, Algedon is created through the juxtaposition of two, in each case, photographs shot by myself. Pairing shots of the urban landscape, especially that of my hometown, Athens, with shots of nature and the body, I create three dimensional constructions, intermediary spaces, between the imaginary and the real.

The smaller photoconstructions are made using 10x15cm photographs, mounted on balsa wood pieces. Placed into hand-made wooden boxes of 3cm depth.

Some images of the series serve as models for large photoconstructions. (e.g. see "Counterattack", 2014, and "Still Travelling", 2013.

Motive: Imaginary activism. The desire to cut through the space of reality and overturn the relationships that govern it. The desire to open up the continuous and flat space of the photograph to new dimensions.

Media: Photographs taken by the artist. Support: balsa wood pieces, wooden boxes.

Themes: reality-fantasy, internal-external, flatness-depth, city-desire.

sample of pictures