With Without, 2011-2014

Drawing, Pastel and charcoal on paper

These drawings of the space between two bodies in contact deal with the boundary and its double meaning as what separates and what unites. It is the moment of contact between two bodies in which their individuality is simultaneously affirmed and refuted. In the project 'That That is Not' capacity is found in the openings, the cracks, the discontinuities that reveal the openness and vulnerability of ourselves as bodies and the always transforming, always becoming of the world around us. It is this capacity, this ability of the body to penetrate and shape its world anew that I see as political.
Media: Charcoal and pastel on paper
Motive: Visualising a bodily sensation.
Themes: Eroticism, touch, surface-depth.

The series consists of 7 87.5x125cm (sampled here) and 12 16.5x24 cm pieces.

Katerina Papazissi Katerina Papazissi Katerina Papazissi